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TransNav 2017 Navigating in future: What will be digital navigation? Navigation safety and security, efficiency and quality strongly depend on access to comprehensive, qualified, updated and geo-referenced information on the situation over the area of interest. This is often summarized as "situational picture". On board situational awareness requires integrating information transferred from land based stations (alerts, meteocean data, AIS, etc.) with those provided by on board equipment like radars, digital charts as well as ship side operational environment like rudder…

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Meet us at our joint stand with Helzel

Meet us at Ocean Business 17 at our joint stand with Helzel About SeaTopic SeaTopic is a French-German company created to provide tailored solutions to our customers. The company was borne with a consequent international partner network and proven technologies. Our bases are oceanography and hydrography. From costal ocean knowledge we develop customers solutions. We need About Helzel-SeaTopic partnership A longstanding partnership, based on mutual understanding and projects, always challenging! About Helzel Helzel Messtechnik is the German manufacturer of the…

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