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Digitalisation in the maritime – the S-100 standards family

The maritime transport is governed by the regulation of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The first digital revolution of the sector has been introduced by the use of digital navigation charts replacing paper charts, using a specific coding and visualization standard (S-57). This was a major step forward. However, the specificities of this standard have isolated the maritime transport sector from the fast progress of digital technologies. For example, only static navigational data could be visualized on the ECDIS.

To solve these limitations, the International Hydrographic Office together (IHO) with IMO have developed a new family of standards, the S-100 family, to enable compatibility with the standards defined by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and the GIS (Geographic Information System) community. It enables visualisation of an extended set of data, including real time data, as for instance sea state (waves, currents, swell). The maritime sector is living a digital metamorphosis that involves from data management, to web services and business models.

SeaTopic is engaged in this digitalisation wave. Unlocking access to ocean data opens to innovative services and commercial opportunities.

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