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OverHeat, HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-01, granted in July 2023

OverHeatRuns for 3 years (2024-01 until 2026-12) with 19 partners from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland

Preventing and managing fire accidents on board with sensors and digital services

What: OVERHEAT project aims at preventing and/or managing fire accidents on board of containerships through the use of innovative strategies and technologies. A Digital Information System to prevent and manage fire accidents will be developed. Also, OVERHEAT will define new practices in prevention, early detection and response to assure safety of people and the preservation of the environment. The project will leverage on the use of different sensors such as fire detection, AUV for situation picture on board and standard information exchange between the teams on board and on land. The scenario starts with fire detection off the coast and stops when the vessel is arrived at the closest port.

Why: Nowadays, IOT sensors, such as fixed or mobile sensors installed on the vessel and/or on the containers as well as other cargo like cars, together with unmanned systems, such as aerial ones (drones) represent the most promising technologies to perform persistent surveillance on areas in all weather conditions, at very affordable costs, and safely in even harsh environment. They can collect data at very high frequency allowing to build a complete picture of the area of interest for the prevention, for the early detection of the fire, for the front containment (as early response) and the response (extinguishment). Meanwhile, exchange between teams on board and on land is critical to prepare the intervention with all gathered information on the situation and its progress.

SeaTopic’s role: is to define the “Digital Service” that will allow collecting and sharing information on the situation on board and around the vessel including environmental data like sea state, currents and winds. The idea is to use the S100 data format developed by the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and the web services model developed by IALA (International Association of Light Houses) with its Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) to create a seamless and standard data exchange scheme between all actors of the rescue chain and share the situational picture in real time.


  • Ports : Valencia, Genova, Brest, Gdyndia, Bremenhaven (associated)  and their rescue centres
  • Maritime / logistic companies: Grimaldi, GTS Logistic
  • Research center : ISSNOVA (IT, coordinator) ; IMAT (IT), ENSM (FR); Circoe  (FR); ISL (DE), TSASS
  • SME: ILOT & TopView (AUV), MODIS & Peopletrust (sensors), SeaTopic (e-nav), Circoe (security)

Budget: Total budget: 7 M€ – EU co-funding rate: 70%

This project has been granted in July 2023, just after the Fremantle Highway accident happened off the Dutch coast, which is very close to our use cases in this project.

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